DirtRunner Conquer The Challenge


Dirt Runner is Chicago’s largest permanent mud run obstacle course sports venue. Through the season, we host day and night fun mud run events, obstacle course racing endurance, and training events every weekend that offer a unique experience to all levels of athletes and enthusiasts. You’ll get plenty of action in our courses and insane terrain with a total elevation change of over 1200 ft. Together we overcome the obstacles and conquer the challenges.

Midwest Mayhem: 10K – 6.2+ miles with 60+ obstacles (Availability limited)
Warrior Rush: 5K – 3.1+ miles with 40+ obstacles (Available during racing series and training)
D.R.X Dash: 500+ yards – 450+ meters with 25+ obstacles (Available during racing series and training)
Kid’s Dirt Munchkin: 1/4 of a mile with 10+ obstacles (Available during racing series and training)
Ninja Wipe Out: 50+ yards 5+ obstacles(Available during racing series and training)

We offer music, activities like the ninja warrior wipe out, vendors and fun challenges throughout the festival fairground area. Our facility is spectator and family friendly. Our events are for ages 5+. We do have courses available to adults and kids. Have an escape adventurous weekend with your family and friends. Our venue includes 5 courses with a great variety of challenging and fun obstacles; whatever your preferences, we have an event/course waiting for you. Are you ready to conquer the challenge?

Check our EVENTS that are offered during the season. Come out to Dirt Runner, compete, play and make some great memories. Power comes in numbers. Invite your friends and o.c.r comrades.  Join or create a team. Conquer the challenge as a group and enjoy a remarkable fitness experience.  After the race, make a day of it with all the activities Dirt Runner offers at the main event area. We also open for birthday parties, team building, and family get together. Contact us to schedule a date.

The Dirt Runner courses will test beginners and top athletes – Run the courses as many times as you want in the same day during our Training Day Events. Our year round events offer smaller crowds for any race and eliminate the waiting time to tackle any obstacle. All runners are free to set their own pace. Everybody can try any obstacle more than once during the race.

If you don’t want to run, we invite you to set up a picnic and enjoy the food, beer and music. We also allow pet parents to bring their K-9s on the trail during Training Days! Dirt Runner allows outside food and beverages, so everyone is encouraged to bring their own grills and make an all day picnic out of it. If you and your group want to camp at Dirt Runner fairgrounds and enjoy an action packed weekend, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.


-MIDWEST MAYHEM: 6.2+ miles ~10K with 60+ obstacles. The Mayhem course is for the Dirt Runners that are willing to cover some extra mileage while encountering all 60+ natural and constructed obstacles.
-WARRIOR RUSH: 3.1+Miles ~5K with 40+ obstacles. The Rush course is for the Dirt Runners that seek the thrill of action in a less extensive distance and with a high volume of obstacles.

-DRX DASH: 500+ yards with 25+ obstacles. The Dash course is for the Dirt Runners that love sprint distance running with an additional challenge of taking on a series of obstacles.

-NINJA WIPE OUT: This fun course will test your balance and speed. Can you conquer the Samson Ladder and Pegboard Climb challenges? Try not to fall off our slackline, Warped Wall and traverse wall. We also got slacklines, slosh pipes, tire flip, rope climb, and more

-DIRT MUNCHKIN: The kid’s course at Dirt Runner is not like your typical neighborhood playground. Kids love dirt. Let them unleash their energy and imagination while they run, crawl, climb, and challenge themselves in this fun course.