DirtRunner Conquer The Challenge

– Brief mandatory meeting at 8:30AM
– Start time 9:00AM; Waves released every 2+ minutes.
– 2 Required laps. Can you get the best lap and overall time? Prove it.
– Minimum break 10 minutes/Maximum break 15 minutes. Enjoy your break. You will need it.
– You are not permitted to help other athletes. This is a competitive wave.
– You must successfully overcome each obstacle. You may reattempt the obstacle several times.
– If you give up…GAME OVER!

– Start time 10:30AM; Waves released every 2 minutes.
– Unlimited laps for 60 minutes. Can you handle it? Prove it.
– A time penalty will be added to your overall time for every failed obstacle.
– You are not permitted to help other athletes. This is a competitive wave.

– Start times anytime between 12PM and 5:00PM.
– Waves released every 5 minutes.
– If you CAN’T complete each obstacle, you will have to do 10 lovely BURPEES.
– You can run with your friends. Teamwork is important.
– Be adventurous, have fun and get your dirt on.

– Bring your A GAME and a positive attitude. You will need it.
– This is a fun, but challenging O.C.R event.
– Hydrate before and after the event.
– Wear the appropriate shoes and clothes.
– Get some rest the night before. You will need it.
– Pay attention on the course signs while running. The course is well marked.
– Bring extra clothes and shoes. We got showers for you to hose off.
– Bug spray and sunscreen lotion are strongly recommended.

– It is allowed to bring your own food and beverages.
– Bring camping gear if you would like to camp over night.
– The venue is kid and dog friendly.
– Kids must be accompanied by at least a parent or legal guardian.
– Dogs must be leashed at all times. We are not responsible if you lose your dog.
– Be respectful to others.
– Everybody needs to sign a waiver.
– Drug and gun free zone.