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March Mudness (O.C.T) 2018March18

Obstacle Course Training (O.C.T)
MARCH 18th, 2018 HOURS: 9AM-5PM
Course distance: 3K
Obstacles: 30+

Dedication does not have an OFF season. If the 1st lap is not enough, you can go back for more action.

Obstacle Course Training (O.C.T) Day is our weekend, open training event. This is all about the basic primal workout. Just you against the clock. Dirt Runner HQ is the place that will prepare you mentally and physically. Leave the ordinary behind and get ready for some action. The trail has over 1200 feet of total elevation change, and an endless supply of the Cliffs super slick, clay based mud. Most of the trail runs through ravines, and a relentless series of short steep hills.

These are the perfect days for friends and families to go out on the trail together. You will also get all the amenities and choice of post race activities that are available at any race. Feel free to bring a grill and set up a picnic after your run.

Training Days Cash Fees:
Ages 18+: $30
Ages 13-17: $25
Kids Ages 4-12: $20

Payments are strongly recommended on-site and cash only if you want to save some extra $$$ for gas or beer.
Got no cash??? Register online.
Parking is free for (O.C.T) open events.

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian present to sign the waiver. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends of the parents do not count. If a legal guardian cannot be present on day of event, the waiver must be signed by the legal guardian and notarized in advance.

Notice: Dirt Runner is located on an active Off Road Park. Our trail is marked very well and mostly separated from other trails, but it intersects/crosses motorcycle, ATV, and jeep trails at many points. When you sign our waiver, you accept the remote risk of a possible collision.

Eventbrite - D.R.X. GAMES

Race Time: 9AM-5PM


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Eventbrite - D.R.X. GAMES