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Overcome 20+ obstacles and conquer the Warrior Rush: Winter Soldier, a 3+ mile ~ 5K+ Obstacle Course Challenge inspired by the military forces and our O.C.R specialists. Your physical skills and mental grit will be tested big time. Are you ready to conquer the toughest 5K in the Midwest? Be a warrior not a worrier. Your primary objectives are to overcome the obstacles, conquer the challenge, and have a blast.

Saturday 12/01/18
Distance: 3+ Miles ~ 5+ Kilometers
Obstacles: 20+
Location: 214 Goose Run Rd., Jackson, Ohio 45640 (WAR-X)
Water obstacles will NOT be available for safety reasons!

-Elite/Pro: 8:00AM
(Mandatory Obstacle Completion – 2 laps)

-Warrior Xtreme 6 Hours
(W.X 6HRS): 8:30AM
(Unlimited laps for 6 hours)

***Elite/Pro and W.X competitive divisions will be officially timed.

-Recreational/Open: 9AM, 9:30AM, 10AM ***Teamwork is essential! Obstacles are optional for the Rec/Open Division. Do your best and conquer!

Conquer the Warrior Rush 5K Challenge and earn some badass bragging rights, medal and swag!

trophies winter
– Lightning Bolts for the top 1 male/female ELITE/PRO athletes.
– Spear trophies for the top 1 male/female WARRIOR XTREME athletes.
– Skull Warrior awards for the top overall 3 male/female ELITE/PRO and WARRIOR XTREME athletes.
– Finisher medals for all participants that will finish.
– 1st place Elite/Pro and Warrior Xtreme male/female athletes will earn a complimentary credit race.
– Warrior Rush Coin per lap for the Warrior Xtreme Division

Cash and award prizes for the top 3 Overall ELITE/PRO and WARRIOR XTREME 6 HRS athletes.

Knit Cap

Racing Vest Bib. In that way, you will not lose it. Plus, we are getting tired of safety pins. You know the struggle.

Silver Bib for the Elite/Pro Division

Orange Bib for the Warrior Xtreme 6hrs Division

White Bib for the Open/Recreational Division

Finishers Medal

Free Photos + Spectator Passes
Well Earned Bragging Rights and Badass Memories

Beverage and Snack at the finish line. We will have hot dogs, bacon, donuts, water, and hot chocolate available!

Race Notes:
-Obstacles for the Elite/Pro division are mandatory! Obstacles may be attempted an unlimited number of times.. If athletes cannot complete the obstacles, they may continue their run and have to surrender their wristband to the race director by the finish line. Elite/Pro division is officially timed!

-Obstacles for the D.R.X division are mandatory! Obstacles may be attempted an unlimited number of times. If athletes cannot complete the obstacles, they will have to complete 20 burpees per failed obstacle and carry on. If competitors cannot complete the obstacles and their penalty burpees, they have to surrender their wristband to the race director by the finish line. This division will compete for 6+ hours. The male/female competitor with the most laps and best time overall wins. W.X HRS division is officially timed!

-Obstacles for the Open/Recreational division are optional! If you feel that an obstacle is too hard, ask for help or help someone to overcome it. If you cannot overcome obstacle, you might do 10 burpees and we are all even. Teamwork is important!

Hero Discount:
In appreciation of service, a special discount code will be given to all members of the United States Military, Sheriff/Police/Fire Departments, Active Duty, and Veterans. Send us an e-mail at INFO@DIRTRUNNER.US with the proper I.D in order to receive your code. You got a badass team? Let us know and we will give you a badass discount code.

Volunteer for a Dirt Runner event and earn a free race. You can race on the same day or in any future event. Additional perks: free parking, free meal, and beverage.
Charities and non-profit organization can also receive monetary donations for having volunteers at our events. We offer flexible hours and variety of work assignments. Email us about details and availability at info@dirtrunner.us

-Hydrate -Bring food and beverages.
-Skip your W.O.D the day before and get some rest. You will need it.
-Choose your wave wisely. -Pay attention on the course signs while running.
-Showers will not be available. Bring extra clothes and shoes. Emergency blankets just in case.
-Bring CASH for parking, register for the race on site or buy food, and beverages!
-We will have several fire pits to keep you warm.
***Anyone under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian present to sign the waiver (participant, or spectator). Aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends of the parents do not count. If a legal guardian cannot be present on day of event, the waiver must be signed by the legal guardian and notarized in advance.

SPECTATORS: Receive free entry passes, but you need to sign waivers before entering the event area.

Date of event is subject to change due severe weather conditions. Tickets are not refundable, though you can transfer your ticket to a buddy of yours or save for a future credit.

Sponsors 2018:


Beard Bandit Essentials

Beardbanditessentials@gmail.com Phone: 1(847) 794-8039 Address: 1204 E Central Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Mud Gear

MudGear, performance apparel for outdoor warriors, is an official sponsor of Dirt Runner.
For more info on Mudgear performance apparel go to:
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Strength & Speed

Whether you want to improve just speed, just strength or both, this is the place for you. Comprised of strength training athletes who defy conventional notions that you can’t have it all. We have a strong presence in the obstacle course racing community because it is sport where strength and speed collide but we also have athletes that compete in a variety of other sports including runners, bodybuilders, boxers, Crossfit athletes, cyclists, ultra-runners, powerlifters and triathletes.
For more info on Strength & Speed go to: http://www.teamstrengthspeed.com/

Humans are very adaptable but that doesn’t mean we can thrive in extreme environments. For the most part, we perform optimally when the temperatures are more moderate and unfortunately ,up to now, our most effective way to counter the discomforts of “mother nature” was to dress in layers or move our active lives indoors all together. The unfortunate part about adding layers in the cold is the restriction of movement. By contrast, when in the heat, you can only strip down so far before the decency laws kick in! Necessity, improved technology, and a better understanding of our anatomical thermo regulation has brought us a new method of temperature control apparel. We developed this system to take back the control of our comfort, so welcome to the revolution!


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Charities 2018:
We proudly support Pet Project a Non Profit, No Kill Animal Shelter. Adopt, Rescue, Love our fury friends. Please, help our fury friends. If you can’t adopt, please donate. Share the news with your friends and family. Thank you.

pet project

Address: 2676 E 2575th Rd, Marseilles, IL 61341
Phone: (815) 795-9663



Race Time: 8:00am