DirtRunner Conquer The Challenge

Company and Corporate Events

This obstacle course builds physical and mental toughness. We offer special discounted rates and can host corporate events. This is a great way for your company to bring your employees together for a unique fitness experience.
Fun company picnics with pig roasts, beer and authentic BBQ are also available. If your company is involved in fundraising or charity causes, please read below about Fundraising and Charity Events. Email us about our interesting sponsor opportunities.

Dirt Runner’s O.C.R outdoor facility is the perfect fitness activity for personal trainers and their clients. Obstacle Course Racing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing outdoor sport in the world. We will provide you with discounted rates and offer you flexible run times throughout the week and weekends.
You can expect 4 different adult courses:

Dash: 3K with 20+ obstacles. The Dash course is built for individuals that love shorter distance running with an additional challenge of taking on a series of tough obstacles.

Our course is designed to boost total physical fitness, improve balance, endurance and agility. Beginners will have a fun unique physical challenge. Serious athletes will be pushed to their limits by completing every obstacle and finishing the course in competitive time during our racing events.